Love in the time of Cholera



  • Gabriel García Márquez was born in 1962 in Colombia
  • Novel Prize winning 
  • Love Story between Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza 
  • The novel takes place approximately during half century between 1880 and 1930
  • Cholera used as a metaphor of love 
  • Love as a emotional and physical plague 
  • Intolerance of death and aging 
  • Many symbols and themes 

Books that will be used: 

  • Illness as a metaphor by Susan Sontag 


The Master of the Posters

Tom Eckersley 

GO! Get out from Elephant & Castle underground station, walk through the tunnel in order to cross the road and finally enter London College of Communication. At the end of the ground floor far away from you, posters are displayed hanging symmetrically on the white walls all of them are framed and labeled, white lights are trying to illuminate each piece of art but it is not possible too see you must get closer and check them out.

The Master of the Poster, the graphic designer of the century has arrived to LCC and its presenting 40 posters of his brilliant collection.

Tom Eckersley English of origin was born 30th of September 1914 in Lancashire. After finishing studying in an art school he decided to move to London and be a freelance poster designer, which was the best decision he could have taken. He was a lecturer and teacher in various art schools until he finally joined London College of Printing and established the first undergraduate courses in graphic design in Britain. Eckersley apart from posters has also produced magazine covers, logos and others.

The captivating exhibition shows a range of different posters portraying situations, messages and campaigns using Eckersley’s unique geometrical, colorful and simple way to express ideas in every each one of them. Text and pictures are present in almost all their poster making complex messages a direct way to understand them. The uses of animals are also a repetitive icon he includes in his designs, making their final works captivating for the audience and easy to get. Different feelings are experienced watching and understanding the posters, awareness, fun, commitment are some examples.

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